Exchange Program

Remanufactured Hydraulic Starters

SA Industries maintains the industry’s largest in-stock supply of remanufactured hydraulic starters. Our exchange program provides fast and reliable service during those urgent times when your engine is down. All SA Industries starters are remanufactured under strict guidelines and warranted for materials and workmanship. Only components that meet SA Industries rigid standards are recertified and reused.

Trust SA Industries for the following remanufactured hydraulic starters:

Geared Hydraulic Starter

Geared Hydraulic Starters

  • 2-C20
  • 2-7-C20
  • 2-C15
  • 2-C12
  • 4-1-C10
  • 4-1-C12
  • 4-4-C10
  • 5-C14
  • 5-C11
  • HS-223 RH1
  • HS-223 RH1 BJ
  • HS-223 RH1 PQS79
  • HS-223 RH1 HAO1
  • HS-223 RH1 HAO2
  • HS-223 RH1 HAO3
  • HS-223 RH2 1
  • HS-223 RH2 1 PQS74
  • HS-223 RH2 PQS79
  • HS-224 RH1
  • HS-224 RH1 PQS79
  • HS-224 RH2
  • HS-224 RH2 1
  • HS-360 RH1
  • HS-360 RH1 PQS80
  • HS-360 RH1 RP01
  • HS-360 RH1 RP01 PQS82
  • HS-360 RH1 3M

Piston Hydraulic Starter

Piston Hydraulic Starters

SA Industries proudly uses genuine Kocsis parts.

  • CMD-2A-111
  • CMD-2A-298
  • CMD-308155-A
  • CMD-3A-111
  • CMD-3A-121
  • CMD-3A-209
  • CMD-3A-214
  • CMD-3A-221
  • CMD-3A-231
  • CMD-3A-236
  • CMD-3A252
  • CMD-308278
  • CMD-308246
  • CME-5A-111
  • CME-5A-141
  • CME-5A-229
  • CME-5A-230
  • CME-5A-235
  • CAT-308269

Exchange Core Allowance Guide

  • Starter core must not have been opened or disassembled
  • Core must be complete
  • No obvious external damage such as cracked, broken, stripped threads, crushed, excessive rust or corrosion
  • Core must be of the same product family, size, drive type, make and type as the starter being exchanged for

All cores will be in one of three categories:
Full Core Credit – Issued when all of the criteria stated above is met
1/2 Core Credit – Issued to cores with one of the specifics stated above
No Core Credit – Issued to cores with two or more of the specifics stated above

Original SA Industries INVOICE NUMBER or your PO number must be included with the returned core.

SA Industries reserves the right to refuse the issue of credit to any returned core that is damaged beyond reasonable repair. Cores of a different product family, size, drive type, or make are subject to valuation, if any, by SA Industries. All decisions are final. Once received by SA Industries, no core will be returned.

Core Return Time Allowance: Cores must be shipped to SA Industries within 30 days of invoice date to receive full core credit. Cores shipped after 30 days of invoice date will receive only 1/2 core credit no matter the condition of the core.

Cores shipped after 150 days of the invoice date will not be eligible for any core credit.

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