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Geared Hydraulic StarterOver twenty years of experience manufacturing starters and related components has established SA Industries as a recognized leader in its field. Our years of testing, engineering and manufacturing enables SA Industries to deliver when it is most critical – when it’s time to start your engine.

SA Industries and its FracStart line of hydraulic starters help equipment owners and operators to save money not only through affordable pricing but through dependable operation and longer life. SA Industries has refined its manufacturing processes to deliver the precise tolerances you need to keep your equipment working safely and reliably. Experience also means advanced knowledge in materials including the metal alloys used to make SA Industries parts. That is why only the best American milled materials are used, thus giving you peace-of-mind that those critical starting moments will pass trouble-free.

SA Industries and its affiliate company are the only American manufacture of the friction clutch inertia drive. This drive is the most critical component of a hydraulic starter. Therefore, SA Industries’ FracStart line of hydraulic starters are the most reliable starters in the market.

SA Industries offers the highest level of customer service and support that includes:

  • 24/7 on-call starter and parts service
  • 24-hour technical services
  • In-stock delivery
  • Industry’s most comprehensive hydraulic starter inventory

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